A hundred days has make me older…

…since the last time that I saw your pretty face…


iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

This is not a review.

Okay, that’s all done and dusted. Now, let me tell you my thoughts on the new iPads that Apple has brought out to this world.

The iPad Air 2 has very significant upgrades from last year’s iPad Air. Noticeably, it is thinner and lighter. It has Touch ID, better camera, faster chip (the A8X instead of the A8 chip in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and comes in 3 colours.

The iPad Mini 3 is the same from last year’s model except that now it has Touch ID and also available in gold. Other than that, same old, same old, I guess.

I won’t be buying the iPad Air 2. This is because I keep the same method of upgrade as my iPhone. I have an iPhone 5. I didn’t upgrade to an iPhone 5S because the upgrades were not that significant enough for me. So, the iPhone 6 is where I am at right now (and by right now, I mean in the near future. Next month maybe?) ES7


I got a text via Whatsapp this morning from one of TAFA’s (Temburong Amateur Football Association) senior officers. He told me there will be some trial sessions happening on the 26th and 27th of this month. The trials are meant for footballers who wants to have a crack in representing Temburong in the upcoming Sukan Kebangsaan Brunei Darusalam, which is somewhat like a Sports Olympics.

I thanked and inform him that I might just try for it as a goalkeeper. Even if I don’t make the cut, the experience alone can be valuable for me.

Unfortunately for me, the knee is back to its aching self. I played a bit of football yesterday and, thinking the knee was already okay, ran my socks off. Now it’s back in a brace. More rest is needed and not to mention the use of the ‘magic lamp’. I tweeted a photo of it yesterday, if you wanna see it.

A week can be a short time when you’re injured. I really am anxious to have the trials. Hopefully, I’ll get better by then.

KP2 FT have a game tomorrow afternoon and 3GT (my teachers’ team) have a friendly match tomorrow evening. It is very tempting to play in both. However, I can’t reduce my chances of getting fit for the trials by playing in either of those games tomorrow, let alone both. But the defiant side of me wants to play in one of those matches, and I think I’ll opt for the evening one. I’m accompanying the wife to the doc’s tomorrow morning in Bandar and I don’t think we’ll get back home in time for the afternoon match.

Time will tell about this situation of mine. And I have this blog to update the situation to. ES7

Temburong Tech

A little background. Way back in 2007, I started tinkering with the idea of repairing PC as a DIY activity. It all started when my brother, an HND graduate from ITB, reformatted my PC. I was intrigued that he can do it by himself and not have to take the PC to a vendor and have it reformatted there – for a fee, of course.

I started to learn from him and surprisingly found it easier than I thought. I then began to format my laptop, then proceeded with my friends’ computer.
Then in 2009, I started to think about making this as a side job. A way to make some extra income. I think I got my first payment after reformatting a colleague’s laptop. He was a bit generous, though, being friends and all.

2010 came and I was playing with the idea of a start-up name, a company’s name of some sort. After months of deliberating, scouring the ‘net for some insightful ideas, I came up with Temburong Tech. Temburong is the district where I live and Tech… Well, you guessed it.

The go-to social media of the time was Facebook, so I signed up an account under Temburong Tech and decided that I needed a logo. A few weeks went by with me sketching some ideas and playing with colours. I basically threw everything to the wall and looked at whatever sticks. In the end, I went with a minimalist logo using the colours of our national flag. However, now, I am currently thinking of creating a new logo, as the current one is too simple.

Okay, long story short, it has been 4 years now since the birth of Temburong Tech and I can say that I experienced all sorts of highs and lows out there. The working hours, the clients, the payoffs.

And it’s not all about PC anymore. I’ve grown my services offered to reformatting Macs, restoring iDevices, rooting Android devices and also the odd PSP jailbreaking. I’m currently debating whether to put in banner designing into the mix. I’ve made some banners for my schools and community that I find it easier now than when I started. I’ve more experienced and the know-how of using applications like Photoshop now.

Hopefully, some day I can quit my current job once I’ve develop Temburong Tech into a more productive company for me and support my way of living. That is the dream. ES7

Hello, ball.

Succumbed to self pressure today by kicking my first ball in anger. The weather was good, I felt the knee was getting better, so I gave it a go. Did a bit of brisk walking for a few minutes, then jogged my way to the pitch.

I didn’t go gung-ho to my knee, didn’t do any exuberant things. I was just easing my way around. Made my passes short, ran at a moderate speed. No one really noticed that my knee was injured. But hey, they never notice it before, so why start now?

Playing football made me feel good about myself. I was good resting at home, it is great to finally play. Outside, I was caked in mud, inside I was glowing. At the end, I did get some of the best compliments from my team today about last night’s match. In a way, they did miss me not playing. A majority of them said that we would have won with a clean sheet if I had been in goal. I managed to keep it cool and just smiled.

Looking back in hindsight, I don’t know. It would have been a different outcome from the 3-2 win. Maybe a clean sheet? Maybe just one goal? Maybe more? As I’ve always said, it doesn’t do to dwell in what ifs. Life goes on. ES7

Match (non-)analysis: ABDB

You won’t get it from me this time. All I know is that we won, 3-2.

I skipped the match due to unforeseen personal complications. And thank God I did. I heard of post-match comments that the opposition was of the tough, talkative kind. I hated those teams. Teams that throw tantrums everytime the referee’s whistle screeches – especially if it doesn’t go their way.

Although the win was great to hear, it got me thinking. The team can win without me. I am dispensable, I am just another team player. I’ve always thought – well, wished, anyway – that the team would struggle without me between the sticks. The manner of the opposition’s goals were not convincing for me too. A penalty (would I have saved it?) and a free kick.

Skipping the match means another long rest for me. Not sure the knee would have been able to endure a full 90-minute match for the time being. I just need to rest, get some strength back by lifting weights and focused training and then we’ll see how it goes in the near future. Hopefully, all is going to be well. ES7